Frequently asked questions

Q > What is

A > is a completely free link-shortening service which allows you to EARN BITCOIN from your links! You can use our service just to zap your long URLs and convert them into much more convenient short URLs - and optionally you can earn revenue from each person that visits your URL. is powered by Mellow Ads - the number 1 bitcoin banner and pop-under advertising network. This means that you can take advantage of Mellow Ads powerful statistics and performance analytics for your links and manage/withdraw your daily earnings whenever you like - direct to your bitcoin wallet!

Q > How much can I earn?

A >  Our rates are dynamic and depend on the advertising income that we receive - this means that we can ensure that your earnings are maximized as much as possible. Our commitment is to pay out 90% of all advertising revenue that we receive for clicks on URLs.
You can view the average payout rates over the last 7 days on the Payment Rates page.

Q > How and when will I be paid?

A > earnings are credited to your Mellow Ads account at around midnight (UTC) each day - along with any other publisher earnings you might have. All payments are in bitcoin and can be withdrawn from your Mellow Ads account directly to your bitcoin wallet at any time.

Q > Do you have a referral/affiliate program?

A >  Yes, we do!
Please visit the Referral Program page for full details.

Q > Can I advertise on

A >  Yes, of course! All of our banner and pop-under advertising is run through Mellow Ads.
Pop-unders and the following 6 banner ad spaces are available:
Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 (inside verify popup) | Responsive: Top Center | Responsive: Bottom Center | Responsive: Left/Top | Responsive: Right/Bottom 1 | Responsive: Right/Bottom 2

Q > Can you stop someone from zapping my URL?

A >  No, we can't actually stop anyone from using our service to zap your URL. However in cases of copyright infringement then you should first ensure that you have grounds to file a DMCA takedown notice. If you have, then please create an official DMCA takedown notice and email it to us - once we have reviewed the notice and accepted the takedown request then we will remove the zapped URL from our system.